Janie Barclay Photography | Weddings 2017

Elizabeth and Graham at Thainstone House Hotel: 3 February 2017Vicky and Anton at Meldrum House Hotel:  21 February 2017Lena and James at Fasque House: 4 March 2017Keyleigh and Craig at Logie Country House: 18 March 2017Cheryl and Paul at Logie Country House: 11 March 2017Nicola and Richard at Meldrum House Hotel: 24 March 2017Kristi and Robbie at Drumrossie House Hotel: 18 March 2017Chloe & Jonathan at Norwood Hall Hotel: 25 March 2017Shaheen & Gul at Winter Gardens: 7 April 2017Kate and Joe at Thainstone House Hotel: 8 April 2017Kayleigh & Liam at The Hermitage & Dunkeld House Hotel - 8 April 2017Lesley and Matthew at Norwood Hall Hotel: 9 April 2017Tita & Alistair at Meldrum House Hotel - 12 April 2017Rachael and Graeme at Meldrum House Hotel: 7 April 2017Hion and Kyle at The Marriott Hotel: 21 April 2017Lynn and Stuart: Meldrum House Hotel: 22 April 2017Lisa and Martin at Aswanley: 29 April 2017Louise & Mark Watson: Aswanley: 22 April 2017Gillian and Garry at Coo Cathedral: 6 May 2017Steph & Mark at Norwood Hall Hotel: 30 April 2017Heather and Craig at Pittodrie House Hotel: 11 May 2017Aileen and Ian at Meldrum House Hotel:  13 May 2017Leanne and Marc at Maryculter House: 13 May 2017Liina & Olivier at Norwood Hall Hotel: 26 May 2017Emma Louise and Douglas at Meldrum House Hotel: 27 May 2016Louise and Jake at Maryculter House Hotel: 4 June 2017Steph & Adam at Chapel of Garioch Church & Norwood Hall Hotel - 4 June 2017Monica and Andrew at Cameron House Hotel: 10 June 2017Gemma & Andrew at Norwood Hall Hotel - 18 June 2017Kelsea and Shaun at St.Machar's Cathedral and Palm Court Hotel: 1 July 2017Louise and Craig at Logie Country House: 15 July 2017Pauline & Kevin at Hilton Doubletree - 23 June 2017Sarah and Keith at The Barn at Barra: 8 July 2017Kelsey and Cameron at Maryculter House Hotel:  14 July 2017Kayleigh & Robert at Pittodrie House Hotel - 14 July 2017Ryan and Shuang at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 16 July 2017Victoria and Daniel at Norwood Hall Hotel: 21 July 2017Nicola and Mark at Fyvie Castle and The New Inn Ellon: 22 July 2017Lisa & Barry at Banchory Lodge - 22 July 2017Gaynor & Stuart at Norwood Hall Hotel - 23 July 2017Ewan and Georgina at Fyvie Castle: 29 July 2017Hayleigh and Scott at Meldrum House Hotel:  4 August 2017Becca & John at Jury's Inn - 5 August 2017Natalie and Damian at Haddo House and Meldrum House Hotel:  5 August 2017Joanna and John at Monymusk: 12 August 2017Katie and Stuart at Raemoir House Hotel:  18 August 2017Ashley and Paul at Pittodrie House Hotel:  19 August 2017Kerry and James at Palm Court Hotel:  25th August 2017Margaret and Lee at The Marcliffe Hotel:  29th September 2017Charlotte and Andrew at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 30 September 2017Sarah and Martin at Pittodrie House Hotel: 13th October 2017Lucy and Craig at Thainstone House Hotel:  14 October 2017Rachel and Steven at Logie Country House: 21 October 2017Melanie and Sandy at The Holiday Inn: 22 October 2017Rachel and Matthew at Skene Church and Meldrum House Hotel: 28 October 2017Lauren and Marc at Pittodrie House Hotel: 4 November 2017Christina and Graham at Norwood Hall Hotel: 17 November 2017Debbie and Natalie at Haddo House:  17 December 2017Kay and Gordon at Norwood Hall Hotel: 30 December 2017Nicola and Greg at Raemoir House Hotel: 31  December 2017