Janie Barclay Photography | Weddings 2016

Rebecca and Sireli at Kings Community Church and Maryculter House Hotel: 7 January 2016Debbie and Greg at  Pittodrie House Hotel: 14 February 2016Sarah and Darren at Banchory Lodge Hotel:  20 February 2016Angela and Kimberly at Maryculter House Hotel: 20 February 2016Katie and Scott at Fasque House: 27 February 2016Amanda and Scott at Pittodrie House Hotel: 27 February 2016Catherine and Emil at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 5 March 2016Clare and Kyle at Thainstone House Hotel: 11 March 2016Emma and William at Norwood Hall Hotel: 12 March 2016Ashleigh & Steven at Norwood Hall Hotel: 5 March 2016Emma and Richard at Norwood Hall: 18 March 2016Hazel & Ed at Thainstone House Hotel: 18 March 2016Luke and Stacey at the Copthorne Hotel: 25 March 2016Sarah & Donald at Logie Country House: 26 March 2016Leeanne and Kris at Meldrum House Hotel: 26 March 2016Brenna and Doug at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 2 April 2016Alana and Stewart at The Holiday Inn Westhill: 8 April 2016Craig and Kirsty at The Palm Court Hotel: 9 April 2016Lynsey and Bruce at Norwood hall Hotel: 10 March 2016Laura and Michael at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 16 April 2016Roxanne & Craig at Drumtochty Castle: 9 April 2016Licida and Phillipe at Norwood Hall Hotel: 15 April 2016Emma and Ian at Norwood Hall Hotel: 22 April 2016Laura and Malcolm at Banff Springs Hotel: 23 April 2016Emma and Oliver at Norwood Hall Hotel: 29 April 2016Amanda and Craig at Meldrum House Hotel: 29 April 2016Sarah and Graeme at Pittodrie House Hotel: 1 May 2016Claire & Darren at Holburn South Church & Norwood Hall Hotel: 1 May 2016Julie and Ben at Maryculter House Hotel: 6 May 2016Carol and Olga at Maryculter House Hotel: 8 May 2016Emma & Alastair at Pittodrie House Hotel: 8 May 2016Kirsty-May and Martin at Norwood Hall Hotel: 13 May 2016Dawn and Robert at Norwood Hall Hotel: 14 May 2016Karen and Steven at The Holiday Inn Westhill: 21 May 2016Celia & Patrick at St Columbus Church & Coneloch House: 21 May 2016Georgie and Dan at Kinkell Byre: 28 May 2016Donna & Colin at Norwood Hall Hotel: 29 May 2016Aimee & Darrel at Turriff Registry Office & Walkers Inn: 3 June 2016Vicki & Ewan at Aswanley: 4th June 2016Stephanie & Kieran at Buchan Braes Hotel: 4 June 2016Gemma and Mark at Meldrum House Hotel: 4 June 2016Samantha & Paul at Norwood Hall Hotel: 5 June 2016Lindsey and Alexander at Pittodrie House Hotel: 11 June 2016Allan & Zhao at Leith Hall: 14 June 2016Dana and Gary at Meldrum House Hotel: 16 June 2016Kelly and Chris at Maryculter House Hotel: 17 June 2016Jane and Roy at Thainstone House Hotel: 18 June 2016Kevin and Sarah at Whiterashes Church and The Marriott Dyce: 18 June 2016Nicola and Mark at Norwood Hall Hotel: 19 June 2016Vivien & Aaron at The Mansefield Hotel: 24 June 2016Jenna and Daniel at Balmekewan: 25 June 2016Marie & Stephen at Norwood Hall Hotel: 25 June 2016Louise and Toni at Maryculter House Hotel: 26 June 2016Suzanne & Craig at Norwood Hall Hotel: 26 June 2016Taylor and Lee at Bancar Hotel: 2 July 2016Karen & Kenny at Aberdeen Marriott Hotel: 2 July 2016Jodie and Graeme at Pittodrie House Hotel: 2 July 2016Carolanne & Andrew at Logie Country House: 6 July 2017Qin & Barry at Castle Fraser: 9 July 2016Emily & Michael at Pittodrie House Hotel: 10 July 2016Lisa and Iain at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 14 July 2016Suzy & Andrew at Fasque House Estate 16 July 2016Karen and Alan at King's College Chapel & Norwood Hall Hotel: 16 July 2016Rachel and Paul at Norwood Hall Hotel: 17 July 2016Mhairi & Ryan at Norwood Hall Hotel: 23 July 2016Kylie & Andrew at St Mary on the Rock & New Inn: 23 July 2016Hannah & Toby at Meldrum House Hotel: 27 July 2016Julie and Philip at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 28 July 2016Vanessa & Steven at Hillview Community Church & Norwood Hall Hotel: 28 July 2016Angela & Stanley at Norwood Hall Hotel: 5 August 2016Amanda and Marios at Meldrum House Hotel: 5 August 2016Sarah and Darryl at Duff House and Banff Springs Hotel: 6 August 2016Karyn & Gary at Meldrum House Hotel: 6 August 2016Olivia and Austin at Maryculter House Hotel: 7 August 2016Stephanie and Bruce at Drumtochty Castle: 10 August 2016Iska and Chris at Logie Country House: 13 August 2016Claire & Peter at Kings College & Ardoe House Hotel: 13 August 2016Lisa and Gavin at Norwood Hall Hotel: 14 August 2016Gemma and Darren at St. Machar's Cathedral and The Northern Hotel: 20 August 2016Claire & Steven at Thainstone House Hotel: 20 August 2016Hayley and Matthew at Norwood Hall Hotel: 21 August 2016Rona and Brett at King's College Chapel & Pittodrie House Hotel: 3 September 2016Rachel & David at Castle Fraser: 3 September 2016Ysabelle & Steven at Norwood Hall Hotel: 4 September 2016Laura & John at Aberdeen Town House: 9 September 2016Linda and Denise at Logie Country House: 10 September 2016Jill & Iain at Aswanley: 10 September 2016Stephanie and Jordan at The Palm Court Hotel: 17 September 2016Elaina and Richard at Norwood Hall Hotel: 18 September 2016Jill and Cameron at Glen Tanar Ballroom : 23 September 2016Fay and Fraser at Meldrum House Hotel: 24 September 2016Shannon & David at Norwood Hall Hotel: 29 September 2016Laura & Jamie at The Rox Hotel: 1 October 2016Iska and Sam: 3rd October 2016Sonia and Cameron at Norwood Hall Hotel: 9 October 2016Kirsten and Craig at Pittodrie House Hotel: 24 September 2016Leanne and Graeme: Maryculter House Hotel: 7 October 2016Michelle and  Andrew at Norwood Hall:  16 October 2016Jessica & Tim at Kemnay Church & Meldrum House Hotel: 16 October 2016Freya and Robert at Pittodrie House Hotel: 21 October 2016Jennifer and Richard at Kintore Church & Thainstone House Hotel: 21 October 2016Joann and Graham at Thainstone House Hotel: 22 October 2016Kevin and Michelle at Norwood Hall Hotel: 22 October 2016Stacey and Lloyd at The Rox Hotel:  29 October 2016Jenny and Tim at Logie Country House: 14 October 2016Rachel and Keith at Norwood Hall Hotel: 12 November 2016Lisa & Craig at Norwood Hall Hotel - 18 November 2016Carol & Michael at Norwood Hall Hotel - 25 November 2016Hannah & Gavin at The Chester Hotel: 26 November 2016Laura and Andy at Fyvie Castle and Thainstone House Hotel: 26 November 2016Hannah and Andrew at Pittodrie House Hotel: 3 December 2016Pamela and Paul at Norwood Hall Hotel: 4 December 2016Leanne and Scott at Logie Country House: 6 December 2016Samantha and Chris at The Marcliffe: 18 December 2016Alexandra and Andy at Norwood Hall Hotel: 30 December 2016