Janie Barclay Photography | Weddings 2015

Cristiane and Craig at Norwood Hall Hotel - 3 January 2015Lyndsey and David at Meldrum House Hotel - 24 January 2015Rebecca and Ross at Norwood Hall Hotel - 7 February 2015Vicky and Chris at Drumtochty Castle - 14 February 2015Carolyn and Gavin at Maryculter House Hotel - 21 February 2015Rachel and Steven at Pittodrie House Hotel - 28 February 2015Hannah & Andrew at Thainstone House Hotel - 1 March 2015Leanne and Cameron at The Chester Hotel - 14 March 2015Mairi and Stuart at Norwood Hall Hotel - 27 March 2015Becky and Alistair at The Buchan Braes Hotel - 28 March 2015Rachel and Geraint at King's College Chapel and Norwood Hall Hotel - 28 March 2015Ashleigh and Craig at Pittodrie House Hotel - 3rd April 2015Melanie and David at The Thistle Hotel Altens - 11 April 2015Namsi & Afam at King's College Chapel & Meldrum House Hotel - 11 April 2015Namsi and Afam Private GalleryPippa and Richard at Logie Country House - 18 April 2015Vanessa and Stuart at Thainstone House Hotel - 17 April 2015Kathleen and Rob at Woodside Parish Church and Norwood Hall Hotel - 15 March 2015Carly and Stuart at Melrum House Hotel - 24 April 2015Clair and Chris at Norwood Hall Hotel - 25 April 2015Rachel and David at Thainstone House Hotel - 2 May 2015Laura and Gary at the Doubletree Hilton - 2 May 2015Julie and Robert at Banchory Lodge Hotel - 4 May 2015Hollie and Lewis at St. Machars Cathedral and The Holiday Inn - 9 May 2015Gunta and Chris at Maryculter House Hotel - 10 May 2015Nicole and John at Norwood Hall Hotel: 17 May 2015Nicola and Colin at Castle Fraser and Norwood Hall Hotel: 23 May 2015Becca and David at Durn House: 29 May 2015Rachael and David at Boharm House: 30 May 2015Jemma and Timothy at St. Machar's Cathedral and Norwood Hall Hotel: 30 May 2015Anneka and Nick at Haddo House: 6 June 2015Nicola and Kevin at Meldrum House Hotel: 6 June 2015Deborah and Gary at Logie Country House: 6th June 2015Jenny and Mark at Ardoe House Hotel: 13 June 2015Carrie and Paul at The Chester Hotel: 19 June 2015Louise and Stuart at Mar Lodge: 20 June 2015Lisa and Joe at The Ban-Car Hotel: 27 June 2015Kim and Iain at Maryculter: 20 June 2015Joanna & Kris at Thistle Airport - 20 June 2015Lynn and Mark at Thainstone House Hotel: 26 June 2015Lesley and Paul at St. Machars Cathedral and The Marriott Hotel Dyce: 27 June 2015Gillian and Kevin at Pittodrie House Hotel: 4 July 2015Lynda-Ann & Jeremy at Maryculter House Hotel: 8 July 2015David & Manhaz at Norwood Hall Hotel: 18 July 2015Samantha and Adam at Ardoe House Hotel: 18 July 2915Nicola & Jonson at The Park Cafe: 18 July 2015Gary & Claire at Norwood Hall Hotel: 19 July 2015Danielle and John at Pittodrie House Hotel: 19 July 2015Danielle and Craig at East Church Banchory & River Cottage: 24 July 2015Rachael and Marc at Tor-na-Coille: 25 July 2015Stacey and Andy at Norwood Hall: 26 July 2015Linzi & Jason at Castle Fraser & Menzies Dyce: 31 July 2015Stacey and Andrew at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 1 August 2015Gemma and Bruce at Norwood Hall Hotel: 2 August 2015Kelly and Chris at Maryculter House Hotel: 7 August 2015Jennifer and Keith at Elsick House: 8 August 2015Leigh & Christopher at Fyvie Castle & The Copthorne Hotel: 8 August 2015Angela and Richard at Norwood Hall Hotel: 9 August 2015Jenna and Paul at The Park Hotel: 11 August 2015Gary and Maureen at Logie Country House: 12 August 2015Vanessa and Patrick at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 13 August 2015Zoe and Raymond at Meldrum House Hotel: 13 August 2015Kirsten and Jake at Maryculter House Hotel: 14 August 2015Jennifer and Callum at Norwood Hall Hotel: 14 August 2014Rachael and Ross at Thainstone House Hotel: 15 August 2015Fawn and Stephen at Macduff Church and Fyfe Lodge Hotel: 22 August 2015Allison and Cameron at Thainstone House Hotel: 22 August 2015Sarah and Paul at Norwood Hall Hotel:  23 August 2015Sally and Matthew at Raemoir House Hotel: 31 August 2015Sally and Matthew LebanonLisa and Phillip at Logie Country House: 29 August 2015Claire and Keith at the Buchan Braes:  5 September 2015Coreen and Terry at Norwood Hall Hotel: 6 September 2015Felecia and Ryan at Duff House and Banff Springs Hotel: 11 September 2015Roddy and Stephanie at Buchan Braes Hotel - 11 September 2015Philippa and Mark at Norwood Hall Hotel: 13 September 2015Susan and Levi at Maryculter House Hotel: 12 September 2015Stephen and Sara at Raemoir House Hotel: 12 September 2015Nicola and Michael at Maryculter House Hotel: 18 September 2016Caroline and Ian at Norwood Hall Hotel: 18 September 2016Michelle and Craig at Norwood Hall Hotel: 20 September 2015Dominique and Lewis at Dunkeld House Hotel: 27 September 2015Laura and Barrie at The Marriott Hotel: 26 September 2015Jennifer and Duncan at Blairs & The Marcliffe: 26 September 2015Jennifer and Andrew at Norwood Hall Hotel: 27 September 2015Victoria and Phil at Drum Castle and The Holiday Inn: 2 October 2015Craig & Sophie At Fyvie Castle and Meldrum House Hotel: 2 October 2015Cheryl and Stuart at Duff House: 3 September 2015Robbie & Keely at The Winter Gardens and Station Hotel: 3 October 2015Krystina and Nicol at Norwood Hall Hotel: 4 October 2015Nikki and Bruce at Norwood Hall Hotel: 11 October 2015Samantha and Chris at Haddo House and Buchan Braes Hotel: 10 October 2015Leanne and Adam at The Palm Court Hotel: 10 October 2015Heather and Marc at Aswanley: 17 October 2015Lauren & Alan at Maryculter House Hotel: 17 October 2015Mhari and Gavin at Banchory Lodge Hotel: 23 October 2015Julie and Richard at Thainstone House Hotel: 24 October 2015Lisa and Mark at Pittodrie House Hotel: 31 October 2015Tim & Mona at Raemoir House Hotel: 31 October 2015Hayley and Grant at Norwood Hall Hotel: 1 November 2015Aimee & Jonny At Logie Country House: 7 November 2015Emma and Steven at Meldrum House Hotel: 7 November 2015Haley and Ally at Norwood Hall Hotel: 8 November 2015Sarah & Simon at Banchory Lodge: 13 November 2015Lisa and Kai at Ardoe House Hotel: 15 November 2015Dawn & David at Norwood Hall Hotel - 22 November 2015Laura and Andrew at Norwood Hall Hotel: 28 November 2015Rhianne and Jamie at Ardoe House Hotel: 5 December 2015Melanie & Jamie at Raemoir House Hotel: 5 December 2015Claire and David at Maryculter House Hotel: 27 December 2015Jon & Paul at The Urban Village Resort: 27 December 2015Agni and Fergus Fyvie Castle and Carmelite