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The Models were from http://www.modelzuk.com/ and were just stunning! The dresses are from Isabelle Randal and are lovely! We meet loads of wonderful brides on the day lots who were hoping to have Pittodrie as their wedding venue. It is a special place. 

Set in a huge estate in Aberdeenshire and with Bennachie hill in the back ground, well what more could you ask for?

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful day. 

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Castle Fraser Wedding Exhibition https://www.aberdeenweddingphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/3/castle-fraser-wedding-exhibition We had an amazing day at Castle Fraser. We were exhibiting there and luckly Isabelle Randall brought along some stunning dresses. This gave us the perfect opportunity to capture some photographs. Add that with some beautiful models from Modelz Uk and the atmosphere of Aberdeenshire's most impressive castle, we just could resist an impromptu photo-shoot. 


Castle Fraser Aberdeen Wedding Shoot0463fb The castle is amazing, it has everything for a wedding. A big hall, spooky towers and simply stunning views to the surrounding Aberdeenshire. The walled garden is also beautifully kept. The models were brilliant, very easy to work with. They have obviously had some coaching because I hardly had to say a word when I wanted the next pose!

Model at Castle Fraser Aberdeen Model at Castle Fraser Aberdeen

I was such a fun day, thank you to everyone there!


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